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Israeli women are more educated than men, but still earn less – Haaretz – Israel News

Israeli women are more educated than men, but earn less. Fewer women are employed in senior positions than men and the majority of those receiving income supplements are women.”


Moving house

One reason I haven’t been a posting machine lately is that I’m in the process of moving my blog to my own domain. Yes, yes, mistress of my domain. Please save the jokes and any other Seinfeld references you may think of. It’s probably too early to leak this, but my new home will be at:

A lot is happening, really, but I have so little time to think through and analyze any of it since it feels like I’m on a fast moving train most of the time. Next Friday we are throwing a small pajama party from Karen. It really warmed my itty bitty little heart when I started calling the parents of her closest friends, and they were all so excited and happy for their daughters to attend. In the not so distant past, we have had complaints about Karen fighting with other girls, and I know at least one mother who is completely afraid for her daughter to be around mine. Since I’m never sure which parents have had issues with Karen in the past, I was afraid the response wouldn’t be quite as warm and excited.

We had a wonderful Purim, and Karen’s costume, which she first described as Queen Esther, but later advised us that she was in fact dressed up as Vashti, the evil queen in the Purim story. Now I need to worry about her identifying with the “bad guy”, great.

So, I’m very excited to be moving, and I hope some of you will provide feedback on my new site. A friend is creating it for me, and one of these days I hope to be able to post more about the creation of the site and the positive spin it puts on the issue of peace in our region.

Zen Meditation: Thicker brains fend off pain

My friend Evelyn posted this recently on Facebook.  The article will interest anyone with chronic pain and those who meditate regularly.

Zen Meditation: Thicker brains fend off pain.

In case this was keeping you up nights – how cats spend their day

What does your cat do while you’re not at home? It’s a question that has riddled cat lovers since the dawn of time.

Cats with cameras reveal how they spend their day: Gazing out windows 22%. Interacting 12%. Playing 5%. Eating 4%.   Kind of sounds like the pre-parenthood me on a Sunday!

via @factlets Cat camera focus group study of how cats spend their day.

Some photos of Lugansk

Ok, so I already posted a fourth floor view of part of the city in post “No escape“.  I’ve only seen couple of housing projects that are more than 5 stories high and no hi-rise  office buildings at all.  This is a fairly small town of around 450,000 inhabitants.  It is also the capital city of Lugansk Oblast, or county.  That said, it’s still pretty limited, unlike Kiev where everything can be found…for a price.

Our neighborhood, near the center of town

We are living one block from the city center which means all attractions are within walking distance.  Attractions being the mall, a couple of supermarkets and the town bazaar, or open air market.  As we shopped for clothes for Matan, it quickly became apparent that the majority of retail shops sold only shoes.   More specifically boots, lots and lots of boots.  It is truly amazing to watch the women here navigate over snow, ice and slush with 5 inch spike heels.  Seeing what these boots go through, it’s no wonder that women replace them regularly.  I just don’t know how they manage to pay for the luxury given that the average annual income in Ukraine is just $3000 per person in 2008. Wikipedia reports that in July 2008 the average nominal salary in Ukraine reached 1,930  hryvnias per month.  Using today’s exchange rate, that means only 239 USD per month, or $2,868 per year.

Our building with a Lexus parked outside

I shot this photo at the doorway to our apartment building.  In spite of the general disrepair of the entire building, and the nearby rusted out playground, this is considered a very good neighborhood.  The Lexus apparently belongs to one of the tenants since we see it parked here regularly.  Notice also the complete lack of any sort of parking plan.  People just drive up to their building and leave the car as close as they can get.  We did see areas that look like trailer parks of sheds, and were told that the sheds are used for parking cars safely, so they aren’t stolen.

Where would you choose to live?

This article indicates that most people would rather live in France than anywhere else, probably because France has offers the most leisure time.  The United States only ranks seventh, after Luxembourg.  Great Britain ranks 25th, after Lithuania, Hungary and the Czech Republic. 

I can understand Hungary and Czech Republic, but why Lithuania? If you could get a good job anywhere in the world, where would you choose to live?