The Tooth Fairy and a Trip to Washington, DC

Matan lost 5 teeth this week, three in one day. We’re travelling to the US in a few days, and his entire top gum is a gaping hole. A couple of days ago, when I picked him up at 4 pm, he proudly showed me one tooth that had fallen out during the day. About an hour later, we were in the shopping center and he brought me a second tooth in slightly bloody fingers. I knew I had to play tooth fairy and duck into one of the toy stores without him catching on.

Once we got home, he approached me with a third tooth, this one more than a little gross, but not quite as bad as his bloody grin. I felt a little ill, and not just because I had no way to supply the tooth fairy with THREE freaking gifts in one night. I told him I’d hold on to the third tooth so he could get another present later on. Both kids are already fully hyped for the trip, and talk of little else.  The next day, he lost a final tooth, but we stopped the tooth fairy after 3, telling him we’d put the rest of the teeth under his pillow once we get back. He already had 3 new gifts, so no loud complaints. Plus, did I mention, both kids are totally hyped for the trip.

Matan has been a little concerned, and has asked several times if planes can fall out of the sky. We told him it was like taking a train, which he’s done already. DH found some clips of the inside of planes on youtube, but strangely, it took some searching to find happy people inside a plane. We’ll be flying Turkish Air, mainly because they had the shortest total time from Tel Aviv to DC. Only an hour stopover in Istanbul vs. hours in any other airport. I’m just dreading the 10 hours from Istanbul to DC. Laptops and iPads won’t carry enough juice, even with a backup pack, so I tried to find a bunch of stuff for both of them. If all else fails, I have some sleeping pills…for me.

We’re renting a house with my sister and her family via and it should be a lot of fun. Her daughter and K are exactly the same age, and both our boys are also the same age. They’ll have live-in playmates for the entire first week we’ll be there. The second week the four of us are moving to a smaller apartment a little closer to my mom, and plan to spend more time with her and taking the kids to visit some of DC’s attractions. Top of our list is the Natural History Museum, Air & Space Museum and Zoo.

See y’all on the other side.


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