Cha-Ching, another job offer via Facebook

Yep, while everyone is trawling LinkedIn for that new job opportunity, I posted exactly what I was looking for on Facebook, and for the third time in a row, received an offer, this time for a very exciting start-up.

Interestingly, all three positions have come from some of the great people I worked with at Zend, almost five years ago. We had a great team there, and everyone I worked with has gone on to various interesting companies. Each time I’ve wanted a new position, I’ve posted to Facebook that I’m looking for something that is part time, with flexible hours, and each time, I’ve been contacted for a position in sales, marketing and/or business development by former co-workers from our Zend sales and marketing team.

This opportunity is by far the most compelling. The position may involve occasional travel to the US, which will be a challenge, mostly for DH who will need his mom come and help him out. But management said it would probably only be once or twice a year. I think we can handle that frequency. I hope to be able to post a few more details once I start, but the company is still in semi-stealth mode, so no details about the amazing management team and their very desirable technology quite yet…


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