Off topic – Freezing cold and Polio a lethal combination for Syria

Though this blog is mostly about my amazing children, it would be wrong to remain silent while other children are freezing to death in Syrian refugee camps.

I laughed off the cold this morning, it was nothing compared to Kiev in the winter. But by this afternoon the temps continued to drop and the cold began seeping into my tissue. By later afternoon, as the dull gray began to fade towards black, I finally knew it was COLD! And then I read how the US and EU have suspended non-lethal aid to rebels in Syria. What is non-lethal aid? Is it the tents, blankets, medicine and other necessities that refugees need in order to survive another winter?

Polio, which has made a surprise visit to our region, is met by Israel with a mass vaccination campaign. No such campaign is possible in war-ridden Syria. Disease and cold will be the main killers, perhaps surpassing even Assad and the various paramilitary groups on both sides.

So how can I feel the cold, knowing I and my children can stay warm, fed and healthy while only a few hundred kilometers away, children are literally dying of cold.

I don’t have a solution, I’m not soliciting aid. I can’t even tell you which aid agencies can best help the millions of refugees. Just remember them, and if an opportunity comes up to help, to donate time, money, even a warm blanket, please do. There will be over 200,000 dead before summer and more Syrian refugees than Syrians left in their country. They are squatters in Jordanian, Turkish and Lebanese tent camps that have few if any facilities. Help the refugees outside, even if there’s no way to help people still stuck inside Syria.

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