So far, so good

FirstDayofSchoolThe school year’s just begun, but it looks like it’s going to be better than the last. While I haven’t yet met Karen’s teacher, the reports are all good, and Karen comes home in a good mood. The biggest difference between her new teacher and her last, the new one doesn’t yell. That itself will reduce her stress levels significantly.

We started Matan on Ritalin two days before the school year started. It’s a very low dose, mostly aimed at determining whether it will make a difference for him. It’s hard to get approval for Ritalin for children under the age of 6, but he’s 5.5, and we got approval from 3 doctors and our health insurance. He surprised everyone when we arrived at pre-school on the first day, and he began telling his teacher about his recent dreams of sleeping in the large air pipes he sees along the ceiling. He also told her that he lost his first tooth, but that he was afraid of the tooth fairy, in spite of the cool Lego she left him in exchange for the tooth. I could see his teacher was impressed. I think this was way beyond what she had heard from him even a month ago, before going on summer vacation.

We go back on vacation on Wednesday for Rosh HaShana, and then another 3 days of school, and then vacation again for Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Very confusing for adults No idea how kids can be expected to keep up with it.

My biggest challenge at this point is finding a method for getting Matan from his taxi that brings him home at 2 pm, to his aftercare program. The taxi will bring him, but a person needs to take him from the taxi into the pre-school, and the teacher can’t leave the class, nor can the driver leave the taxi with another 2 children still in it. For the first weeks, I will be there to transfer him, but since I do need to be in the office those days, I’ll need to find someone, maybe a student, who can walk him those few steps… We were finally able to register him to a regular, mainstream day care. We worked backwards and first approached a pre-school teacher whom we know, and who agreed to accept him. The company that runs the day care didn’t want to commit unless a specific teacher first agreed to take him. Main reason given: no one to transfer him from taxi to inside day care. #FRUSTRATION

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