I wasn’t robbed at gunpoint today

But I was scared shitless for about 10 minutes, which is an exceptionally LONG time when you don’t know if the man asking to be buzzed in is a threat, or a handyman.

Here I am, just sitting at my computer in the middle of the day, not expecting anyone. Suddenly the intercom buzzes and I answer, figuring it’s someone who pressed the wrong keys. I see a man who says he’s from the gas company and asks me to let him in. I reply that I have no knowledge of any expected visits and that I’ll need to call my husband to confirm. DH is usually really good about coordinating with me, but I think he expected to be home when the guy arrived, so perhaps forgot…giving him the benefit here. DH doesn’t answer my repeated calls, because as luck would have it, he was finally granted an audience with the bone specialist for Matan whom we’ve been waiting months to see. I call and call again, figuring he’ll understand it’s urgent if he sees repeated attempts. Nothing.

I decided to call the gas company to see if they have a scheduled appointment for my address. They ask if I’m sure it’s their company, since there are several that sound similar. In fact, after I let him in, it turned out he was from a different company. Yes, DH finally replied to my SMS and told me to let him in.

I’m glad I got the drill right, even if it was a bit embarrassing to seem so paranoid to the gas guy. I’ll tell the kids about it so it can be a lesson about not opening the door for strangers, even when it does turn out to be something innocent.

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