Israel investigated his Jewish status after Haaretz interview

What is this country coming to? Looking at the comments to the article, apparently I’m not the only one for whom the title evokes thoughts of Nuremberg.

It’s a sad day when giving a newspaper interview will get your interior ministry status changed and your “case” blocked. Sadly, it only serves to divide us, making national unity impossible. Interesting phrase, “national unity”. One evoked often in the world of the Arab Spring.

Israeli investigated on his Jewish status after Haaretz interview – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

3 responses to “Israel investigated his Jewish status after Haaretz interview

  1. This pisses me off. What are we turning into as a country? It’s like Nuremberg in reverse. It’s the Grebmerun Laws.

  2. The laws that decide who is a Jew are in fact penned by the same people who penned the Nuremberg Laws and are taken directly from there.
    Unless and until there is a complete separation of church and state in this country nothing will change.

  3. Dana, Grebmerun Laws, indeed!

    AMR, and how likely is that to happen? Not very, and we both know it. Now more than ever, any attempt to separate church and state will cause renewed howls about how Israel cannot be both a democracy and a Jewish state.

    Seems to me we are looking at a zero sum game that will either end with a one state solution, or a theocracy with more and more power moving to religious institutions.

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