Working mom

Got a new job, so posting’s been slow. The job looks to be pretty exciting once I get my feet wet. Plus, it’s got the number one sought after mommy-benefit of being a work from home, flexible hour job. True, I have to be available by phone almost anytime, but the actual work can be done late at night, or during the day when kids are in daycare.

The best part of the job is that it pulls in all my expertise. I’ll be doing marketing, research and developing and maintaining contact with many interesting people in Israel’s technology sector. There is even an angle that gives some value to my dusty old law degree. So far, it’s got my energy up. Once I begin to feel comfortable with processes and procedures I expect some of it will actually be fun. The data input is probably the most tedious part, but even that is sort of relaxing after the work involved in making the contacts at a professional conference or other event.

The most challenging part for me is working efficiently from home, and managing the mother-to-work transition without putting added stress on the kids. Karen’s already voiced her opposition to me working again, but she was somewhat mollified when I took her to McDonalds and promised we’d still have our time together. She still makes it nearly impossible to hold any but the shortest phone conversations in her presence. Seeing me on the phone is her cue to start jabbering at me, pulling my arm, and throwing out words and phrases designed to get my attention.

We were really lucky to have a wonderful student with the kids for 1-2 afternoons a week. She received training from our speech therapist and works with Matan on communication. She also taught Karen English a while back and they have really good chemistry. Not everyone can deal with both my kids. Karen has scared off more than one caretaker.

One response to “Working mom

  1. Aww, I know how that feels. My little one (4) is starting to realize what work means and doesn’t want me to go back to work. Even being away for a couple of days with the grandparents makes her sad.

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