iPad for speech therapy

My iPad has become the fav device of both children. Karen loves to play games and puzzles on it, and Matan likes the talking kitty cat “Talking Tom” application. This talking app seems to offer better speech therapy than any of the tips our speech therapist has recommended. Matan loves petting the cat and hearing it purr, but his favorite is to screech at it just to hear it playback what he said. Luckily, the yelling is only for venting during more than 10 minutes of “iPad therapy”. I sit with him and clearly enunciate some of the words he already knows, and a few that he should be working on. The cat repeats after me, and then I try prompting Matan. Although we haven’t significant speech improvements yet, he’s still fairly new to the application and it already maintains his interest and has him repeating sounds, something he didn’t enjoy doing before.

For Karen, the puzzles are great for brain development, and she absolutely loves playing all kinds of games and puzzles that DH downloads for her.

The iPad that DH lovingly bought me for my last birthday is almost exclusively used by the children at this point. I hope DH doesn’t run out to buy the new iPad. We have enough gadgets and I really want to invest in a bigger apartment……

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