Problems accessing

I am having connectivity issues with the new site. I was hoping to get some feedback from people who have tried to visit the new site, but can’t connect. Please let me know what country you are in, and what time, locally, you tried to get into


4 responses to “Problems accessing

  1. 3/16, 9:22a local time from US/Eastern time zone. No dice.

  2. It looks great! u write in a way it makes u want to read more and not going to sleep.
    Colors, fonts, appearence, etc r fantastice.
    You should be very proud on ur own site.
    Some bad feedback as well: For Israeli the main window change 2 fast and some links doesnot work or give not found error.

  3. Hi Ran,

    Are you in Amsterdam? I am very envious if you are there visiting Dana and Leo!

    Thank you for the nice words about my blog.

    Regarding your feedback, are you talking about the new site at I am thinking about making the moving window static because I also don’t like things moving on my screen, but the friend who is helping me with the coding will get to it when he has some free time.

    About the error links. If you can send me details of the links causing errors, that would be VERY helpful.

    Love to Eti and Or!

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