A portrait of my not quite ready for prime time life

Clearly, not a still life. Karen woke me at the gracious hour of 7 am, standing at my bedside to tell me she was wet. Not sweat. Even though she has been out of day diapers for almost 2 years now, we still can’t manage to have consistently dry nights. We’ve used nighttime pull ups, we take her to the bathroom at least once before we go to sleep. We always take her at 9:30. Usually, if we are still awake at 11, we’ll take her again around that time. We missed our second bathroom visit. It was a mistake.

So she’s looking contrite, and wet from her socks to her shirt. I take her into the bathroom to shower and get dressed. Meanwhile, DH is still groggily abed, and Matan is calling loudly, “ug, ug, ug”, from the kid’s room. I ask DH to help, and he rather ungraciously raises himself, muttering, and goes in to change a rather nasty morning diaper on Matan.

She’s very protective of Matan, and almost seems to think he’s her own baby. I ask her not to pick him up, but sometimes I just turn a blind eye so that I’m not constantly on her about picking him up and dragging him around. He doesn’t usually complain, and sometimes appears to be greatly enjoying her attentions.

It’s strange watching my feelings for Matan. Clearly I don’t have the same depth of feeling for him that I have developed over 3 years for Karen. I keep wondering how long until you feel like this is really your kid. I remember that with Karen I sometimes wondered if it would ever happen. And it just crept up on me. With Matan, I’m sure the feelings will develop. He’s so much easier, so part of me is hoping it will go faster. At least he lets me baby him. Karen was always so rebellious and independent. Even at 2.5, she wanted to make sure I loved her on her terms!

I was so touched on her behalf when her teacher put together a well planned surprise party to honor Karen and the new addition to her family. Here’s a photo:

Karen's surprise Welcome Home party at gan

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