From Lama Surya Das’s newsletter

Breathing, relaxing and smiling, settling, arriving, letting yourself arrive, you’re already here it seems.  But has your energy arrived here and landed in this place?  Collect your scattered thoughts and energies. Connect with the present moment, through breathing as an anchor to presence, immediacy, to nowness, calming and clearing the heart mind.

Open to the wisdom of allowing effortless effort to reveal itself through the wisdom of openness, acceptance, spiritual detachment, keenly caring and interested yet detached, observing, with the bigger perspective, the ultimate stance or outlook, the great perfection, the great mudra, awareness alone beyond outside and inside, good or bad, self or other, awareness alone, naked awareness – this moment the only moment, this breath, the only breath.  Marvelous.

Paying attention, calm and clear, awake, take care, stay aware, aware of inhaling while breathing in, aware of exhaling while breathing out, watching the exhalation, letting everything else go by on the stream of consciousness, the river of experience, without judgment or evaluation, without pushing or pulling – mindfulness of breathing, breath awareness, the basic meditation exercise for being more present, cultivating awareness, awareness of all.  

And third, let it be, leave yourself alone for a change, simply get to know yourself as you are, as it is, just sitting, just breathing, just being aware, attentive, mindful of thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions, not picking and choosing.  Aware, choiceless awareness, pure presence, radiant clarity, the natural meditation of the natural great perfection, leaving things just as they are, Buddha said there’s Nirvanic peace in things left just as they are.   In this meditation just be and remain at home, at ease, luminous, serene, clear, aware.

      –Lama Surya Das

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