Yeah, it’s COLD!  We live in the southern Mediterannean.  Neither our bodies nor our souls do well in this climate.  We arrived in Borispol aiport around noon and made it through passport control and customs quickly and gracefully.  Karen had to travel on her Ukrainian passport, which allowed us ‘rents to go through the short line too.

Our driver, Sergey, is a very, very large man, even for a Ukrainian.  His size is no reflection on his personality.   He was wonderful, and took us to a supermarket to buy water and some groceries before taking us to a decent apartment.  Our apartment was freezing when we arrived.  We set Karen up with her DVD player while we frantically called our agency contact for heating units. Within 3 hours we had two space heaters and Internet.  Now both Karen and DH (dear husband) are sleeping peacefully and I’m a happy camper.

Tomorrow is our  big day.  Our appointment at the “Department” is scheduled for late morning.  This is when they tell us if there is an available girl for adoption.  We originally thought to leave Karen with a babysitter, but our agency contact suggested that it would be better to bring her, “just in case”.  Apparently our facilitator is also worried that the recent articles about Israelis taking 25,000 Ukrainian children for their organs may have some detrimental affect.  As my friend Jono pointed out in one of the comments, it should count for something that we are bringing a healthy and happy one back to visit. 

I’m hope to have exciting news to share tomorrow……

5 responses to “-5°C/23°F

  1. Good luck tomorrrow!! I will be hitting ‘refresh’ a lot tomorrow looking for an update.

  2. Good Luck tomorrow – waiting to hear the big news

  3. Good Luck tomorrow

  4. i can feel u today…take deep breathing…

  5. Hey Lita ! Much luck in this venture/adventure ! We’re looking forward to meeting the expanded family when you get back.

    Keep warm !

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